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               Repercussion is a band whose main idea is to perform music, with the use of  percussion instruments. Group explore different musical styles - from ethno, by blues and jazz until contemporary classical music. An extremely interesting stream, which the band is performing is "instrumental theater", consisting of theatricalization (visualization) of the instrumental playing. Characteristic for this trend is the use as instruments of everyday objects, elements of acting, choreography and happening.

The members of the ensemble (Jacek Muzio
ł - founder and artistic director, Bartłomiej Dudek, Radosław Jędraś , Miłosz Rutkowski) are graduates of the percussion of the Wrocław Academy of Music, who are active in the music market as performers and educators. The group has numerous concerts, among others: International Cross Drumming Festival in Warsaw, Drumbattle Rhythm Festival in Legnica and The Review of Stage Songs  in Wroclaw. The team also runs a wide range of educational activities aimed at children and young people.

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